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Reasons your Instagram engagement is low

If you use Instagram to promote your podcast and have noticed less comments/ likes/dms/shares, read on because this article will give you reasons why your Instagram engagement is low and 4 ways you can improve that.

improve Instagram engagement 2022

Instagram engagement rates have dropped in 2022 due to 1 main reason:

Instagram Reels

With Instagram’s focus moving to Reels and video immersion, it’s time to think about integrating short form videos into your Instagram podcast promotion strategy.

Earlier this year, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced that the app is going to become a video immersive app. In very simple terms this means that Instagram is no longer the photo sharing app we came to love back in 2013 but rather, the shift has turned to video.

Many have speculated that Mark Zuckerberg (who owns both Facebook and Instagram) incited the change to compete with Tiktok with the introduction of Instagram Reels. I won’t get into the politics of who is doing what but one thing is clear, adding videos/visuals to your podcast promotion strategy is the future.

So how can you beat Instagram at their game? 

How can I improve my Instagram promotion strategy for my podcast in 2022?

Improving your Instagram promotion strategy for your podcast isn’t as scary as it sounds. You just need to remember one thing:

Great content deserves a great content strategy. Content strategy gives our profiles their best shot at reaching the most people. More reach = more followers.

What are these strategies and how can I implement these for my podcast?

Instagram (like most apps) is driven by an algorithm which decides what kind of content to position infront of users. Below are 4 things you can add to your Instagram podcast promotion strategy.

4 Things to do when your Instagram engagement is down

Don’t be discouraged or take it personally. Your listeners still love your content and even more people are waiting to tune into your show. Here are 4 things you can do when your Instagram isn’t popping how it used to.

1, Create Reels

Don’t work against the algorithm, rather tweak your material/content instead. So now that you know that Instagram reels are favoured by the algorithm, create reels to accompany your podcast.

“What if my podcast is audio only? What do I do?”  You ask.

Well, if your podcast is audio only, you can use audiograms with platforms like Headliner or Wavee which help you to turn your audio podcast into shareable video clips of your audio content. You can also use Canva to create visually stunning templates for your visual aids.

2, Keywords and Hashtags

Instagram relies heavily on suggested content: that’s why you always see ‘Because you follow xxx‘ posts in your feed. So use appropriate keywords/hashtags in your captions so that your content is pushed out to your audience without even spending a penny.

3, Carousel posts

Create carousel posts (those swipe right posts) of any behind the scenes, memes, photos for your audience to indulge in. It’s also a great chance for your audience/listeners to get to know you better.

4, Instagram Stories

Post more content to your ‘Stories’ to keep your fans/listeners engaging with your page. Even if it’s not related podcast content, it’s a great way to engage with your fan base and letting them into some of the content you like. 

improve Instagram engagement 2022

And there you have it! You now have the tips and tricks to go forth and conquer Instagram with your new and improved engagement strategy for your podcast.

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