Podcast Starter Kit

Just getting started? Focus on being the talent and let us to do all the hardwork. 

You’ll receive tailored help with creating and launching your podcast.  Exploring the right format, identifying show elements, graphics, developing the ideal sound, and configuring your hosting so that when you’re ready to publish, your show can heard on the most popular podcasting platforms.

Read our description below for more details on what is included in the full package.


Podcast Starter Kit

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Our podcast starter kit contains all the foundations you need to kick start your podcast and below is what your packages includes:

Session 1 – Idea Generation/Strategy

  • We work with you to understand who you’re trying to reach and what you’re looking to achieve, your target audience and support on generating topic ideas.
  • Audience – An in-depth of your target audience and how to attract them
  • Formatting – how will you format your show?
  • Artwork – We’ll look at artwork and help you create some ideas for your logo/artwork.

Session 2 – Creative/Graphics

  • Equipment – We’ll help you formulate a plan to find what is the best recording equipment for you.
  • Recording platforms – We’ll look at which recording platforms will suit your podcast.
  • Create a customised script for your show including segment ideas
Session 3 – Promotion/Monetisation Strategy
  • Free Promotion Tips guide (usually priced at £30)
  • Create a tailored marketing strategy
  • Create a tailored monetisation strategy

Session 4 – Distribution

  • We’ll help you setup your podcast on all podcast listening apps including Apple/Google/Amazon Podcasts, Spotify etc. to ensure you are discoverable worldwide
  • Additional support on how to be a good podcast host


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