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Facebook is closing its podcast service

Facebook is closing its podcast service officially on June 3rd 2022 leaving Apple, Spotify, Amazon and Samsung in the run according to Bloomberg.

Facebook closing its podcast service

ClubHouse leveraged the power of audio during the pandemic and nearly every social media platform came to understand the importance of podcasting or live audio.

Similar to the likes of Netflix, Samsung Youtube, Facebook jumped on the audio band wagon initially with interest to buy live audio platform, ClubHouse.

However later in 2021, Facebook announced a series of audio initiatives to bring audio and podcasting directly to the platform.

Just over a year later, the social media platform has pulled the plug on all podcast services and will stop people from adding podcasts to the platform from 3rd June 2022. Short form audio clips, Soundbites (shareable video clips to promote podcasts) are also being removed from the service.

Since announcing the focus on making virtual reality more accessible with the re-brand from Facebook to Meta, it is no surprise that the platform is ditching it’s podcast service in favour of perfecting the virtual reality world.

Facebook is however still integrating live audio to the platform (similar to Twitter Spaces), pushing events in Metaverse and its Reels feature to compete directly with Tiktok. It’s unsure whether the Facebook x Spotify mini player will also be removed as it allows creators to promote their shows easily across the platforms.

Is Facebook making the right move in closing its podcast service?

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