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LinkedIn launches it’s own podcast network

LinkedIn is delving deeper into the podcast sphere to launch it’s podcast network known as the LinkedIn Podcast Network (very original eh?)

LinkedIn podcast network

Dubbed the ‘Facebook for professional networking’, LinkedIn has successfully launched a podcast network which at the moment only features in-house shows from the LinkedIn news and industry figures (though you can expect external experts on there).

The network is a pilot and currently features 12 podcasts that discuss various aspects of the working world with topics ranging from managing mental health, understanding technology and a deep dive into the hiring process, all of which are very topical conversations in the workplace.

LinkedIn Podast Network 2022

The creation of the network builds on the success of Hello Monday, a podcast produced by LinkedIn News in which host Jessi Hempel delves into the evolving nature of work and co-founder and executive chairman of LinkedIn, will co-host a podcast about personal entrepreneurship called The Start-Up of You.

The podcast will share top tips from Silicon Valley start-ups that can be applied to listeners’ own lives to help them achieve their goals. All the podcasts on the network will be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other podcast streaming platforms.

How can I join or submit my podcast to the LinkedIn Podcast Network?

Thankfully, existing podcasts can join the network by filling in this very simple form via this link. The LinkedIn team will then get in touch for more details if your show fits their values and network.

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