How To Distribute Your Podcast


Your show should be available anywhere people consume podcasts: not just Spotify and Apple podcasts. There a number of steps you’ll need to get through in order to get it launched. 

Let us show you how to distribute your podcast on all major streaming platforms.


How do podcasts get distributed?

Podcast distribution is when you share your podcast on listening apps like Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts to reach a larger audience. Without it, your podcast will suffer growth.

So what is podcast hosting?

Podcast hosting is a specialized service which offers to store and deliver media files associated with a podcast. It offers specific tools built to optimize the subscriber experience.

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What’s the best way to distribute your podcast?

To get started, all you’ll need is your podcast’s RSS feed link generated by your podcast hosting provider. After that, every podcast directory will update automatically each time you publish a new episode sending it directly to your listeners.

Read our guide on our how to create your podcast RSS feed.

Hosting Platforms.

You can’t just upload a podcast to Spotify, we’ll start at the beginning so you can meet your potential audience where they already consume content.

When a user subscribes to your podcast, the podcast host sends the audio files and media to the podcast listening platforms directly. These sites/platforms offer you the space to store your files so that your audience can easily stream or download them.

But first you’ll need to choose which podcast hosting provider to distribute your podcast with. Below are some of your options:


How do you upload and distribute a podcast?

Distribute your podcast in one-click distribution.

One-click distribution using a hosting platform allows you to distribute to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts, Castbox, Deezer, Podcast Addict, Podchaser, JioSaavn and other platforms in one click.

Below you’ll find out how you can submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts – but the process is similar for all the distribution platforms you can find.

Submit your podcast to popular podcast directories (you’ll need your RSS feed)

Podcast directories and apps will monitor the RSS feed that your distributing platform provides which updates every episode thereafter automatically after you submit your show’s RSS feed URL to those directories. 

In simple terms, whenever you publish a new episode, the directory or app will see that a new episode, display it and notify anyone who has subscribed to your show that a new episode is available for download or streaming.

Below are some of the directories you can submit your podcast to:

  1. Apple Podcasts – To submit a new show, click here. If your show is already in Apple Podcasts and you’d like them to use a new RSS feed for your show, copy your new RSS feed URL and log in to Apple Podcasts Connect. Click on the podcast you’d like to update, then enter in your new RSS feed URL.
  2. Google Podcasts – You can now add your new or existing shows to Google Podcasts using Google Podcasts Manager, add users with permissions, and view listener data about your show on Google Podcasts. Click to learn more.
  3. Spotify – To submit your show to Spotify, log into their Spotify for Podcasters website. We recommend creating a new Spotify account for your podcast versus linking it to a personal account. If you need to update which RSS feed URL Spotify is checking for your show, you’ll be able to change that in the Spotify for Podcasters site.
  4. Amazon Music and Audible will be adding podcasts to their respective services. In advance, you can submit your podcast to be available on their services when they launch. To submit your show to Amazon Music & Audible, click here.
  5. Pandora – Complete Pandora’s intake form here.
  6. Stitcher – To submit a new show to Stitcher, submit your RSS feed here (it’s free). If you need to update the RSS feed on Stitcher, log in to the Stitcher Partner Portal, click on ‘Edit Show Info’, paste in the new RSS Feed, and click ‘Submit’.
  7. iHeart Radio
    To Submit a New Show: Use this form to submit your show(s) to iHeart Radio.
  8. To submit your show/RSS Feed to, click here.
  9. Deezer – To submit your show to Deezer, click here.
  10. Overcast – Overcast can find your RSS feed automatically as long as it’s in Apple Podcasts (there are a few other podcast apps that use Apple’s podcast directory as well).
  11. Pocket Casts– To submit your show to Pocket Casts, click here.
  12. PlayerFM – PlayerFM has a large mobile and web audience, and excellent search engine optimization. Submit your show by following the steps here.
  13. RadioPublic – Submit your show by following the steps here.
  14. Breaker: To add your Podcast, download the app (on iOS, soon Android) and submit your podcast into their search by “Adding it by the URL”. This can be your Apple Podcast link or RSS feed. By adding it to Breaker directly, it ensures your podcast is available in their listening app right away. Download Breaker on iOS.
  15. TuneIn – To add a brand new show, click here. To update an existing RSS feed, fill out their Submit Your Podcast form, enter your program ID in the “Comment” field, and the TuneIn support team will update it accordingly.

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