How to turn your idea into a podcast


Coming up with your podcast idea is the very first step for your podcast and you’re  thinking ‘How can I turn my passion/hobby/idea into a podcast?’

This guide offers tips on how to turn your idea into a podcast: ensuring that you have covered all of your bases and thought through any challenges that an idea may pose.

How to come up with good podcast ideas?

Are you still finding it tough to turn your idea into a podcast that will appeal to the listeners? Luckily for you, starting a podcast isn’t difficult and we have narrowed down 6 questions that will help you become a podcaster.

So what’s the best way to turn your idea into a podcast? 

Ask yourself these 6 questions:

1, Why do you want to podcast? What are your interests/passions/experiences?

2, What topic(s) are you going to concentrate on? What is your niche?

3, What message do you want to project? What benefit do you want to provide listeners (entertainment, help, motivation, education, inspiration, etc.)?

4, Is your podcast idea relevant and to whom? Who are you trying to attract? What makes you/your message unique?

5, Is it a solo podcast or will you have co-hosts?

6, How can you monetise your podcast?

Learn how to promote your podcast

The questions above are essential foundations of creating a podcast and a critical first step to making sure your podcast is successful. If you break down each section, you might have an “a-ha!” moment.  

Don’t get discouraged if you find competition.

Key piece of advice: If you have several ideas, choose the one you’re most excited about working on and that you can see yourself still being excited about years from now. Or perhaps one with plenty of topics to explore and discuss.

Remember: Podcasting is a game of consistency. The more episodes you release, the more listeners you’ll attract and the higher your ranking will be. Not to mention your monetisation strategies will prove to be fruitful because analytics are key. 

That’s it! You have successfully started your podcasting journey.



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