Podcast Monetisation Platforms

Making money from podcasting is much easier than people imagine and we have curated a list of 10 most popular podcast monetisation platforms in 2021.

Podcast Monetisation Myth busters

“How can I make money from my podcast?” 

The most common misconception of podcast monetisation is that you need to either have a huge following or have really high downloads/streams to make money from your podcast. 

Infact, you can be at the start of your journey and make money from your podcast but the key is finding out HOW and what stage to make money from your podcast.

Learn how to monetise your podcast.

When should I monetise my podcast?

Majority of people start thinking about monetising their podcasts months, sometimes years into their journey. BUT, this should be an important aspect of your podcast planning process. Read our free ‘How to monetise your podcast‘ guide which offers some tips on how to make money from your podcast.

While its true that you need minimum 5-10k downloads/streams per episode to be sponsored by major podcast networks or brands, you can still monetise your podcast regardless.

This guide will cover different podcast monetisation platforms and how you can use these platforms to make money from your podcast.


What platforms can I use to monetise or make money from my podcast?

There are a variety of different podcast monetisation platforms but we have listed some of the most popular podcast monetisation platforms in 2021 to help you make money from your podcast show. 

Patreon builds community around your content. The platform allows you to setup a tiered subscription to release exclusive podcast episodes that your audience will enjoy.

Podcorn is a podcast marketplace designed to connect podcast hosts to brands interested in sponsoring. There are a variety of businesses on Podcorn looking to sponsor podcasts.

Similar to Podcorn, Midroll is the leading podcast advertising network, connecting companies and brands with some of the most beloved and respected names in podcasting.

Apple has recently announced that they’re introducing an in-app paid subscription for podcasters. This feature will be available for all podcasters from May 2021.

Sounderfm offers a monetisation feature allowing you to easily insert ads into your podcast episodes. You choose where the ads are inserted to maximise results.

Podomatic’s partnership with What For Apparel, allowing podcasters to create free merchandise stores for your listeners to purchase. You keep all the profits!

Buzzsprout affiliate marketplace allows you to gain high commission cash payouts by reputable companies for promoting products.

Similar to the Buzzsprout affiliate marketplace, Amazon affiliate marketplace allows you to gain commission payouts for promoting products using product links.

Spotify has teased a paid in-app subscription to go live later this year. More details to follow.

Libsyn’s dedicated team will work with you to insert ads into your podcast episodes: exactly where you want your listeners to hear the ads. Benefit from  geographical targeted ads.

It's super easy creating a podcast using our guides!

Starting a Podcast

You'll need an idea, artwork, RSS feed and consistency.

RSS Feed

Generate your RSS Feed to make sure your listeners receive notifications when you drop new episodes.

The Idea

How to turn your idea into a podcast.


Time to push your audio content to your listeners wherever they are.


Now you have the idea, how will you structure your podcast?


Learn how to promote your podcast via our 1 to 1 consultancy sessions.


You have the idea and structure sorted. How will you edit your podcast?


Book your 1-to-1 consultation and we'll create a monetisation strategy to suit your goals.

With that all being said, we’re not advocating for you to start your podcast to make money but why not plan ahead?

How many downloads do I need to start monetizing my podcast?

Before you create your podcast monetisation strategy, you need to know how to read your analytics to understand who is listening, where are they based and streams per episode. Understanding your analytics will affect your payout. For instance, major podcast networks require you to have atleast 5-10k downloads/streams per podcast episode to guarantee that you’ll produce quality results with their connections.

Generally gathering 400-500 downloads per episode is a great time to starting monetising a podcast but this is purely a guideline.

Still need help or support monetising your podcast?

If you’d like more help with your podcast – from turning your idea into a podcast, structure, editing, monetising – then be sure to check out our free guides.

Our dedicated team will also help you to create a podcast monetisation strategy which will guarantee payments into your account whilst creating meaningful audio content.

Book your consultation with us today!

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