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Anchor allows you to add music to your podcast

Great news for people looking to add their favourite song to your podcast: podcast host, Anchor now allows you to add music to your podcast!

Anchor is one of the most popular podcast hosting platforms and they gained their dominance after being acquired by Spotify in 2019.

anchor spotify music
Podcast Host Anchor. Credit: Spotify Newsroom

The platforms allows you to record a podcast seamlessly with an easy ‘tap to record’ feature allowing you to record a podcast with someone on the other side of the globe! (Provided they have a stable internet connection).

Spotify has invested money into being the pioneer entertainment app by further bridging the gap between music and podcasting in their move to allow podcasters to add music to their podcasts.

Previously, adding music to your podcast was a no, no and your podcast episode was likely to be deleted if you used any commercial music in your show. So this is a massive game change move on Spotify x Anchor’s part.

add music to podcast using anchor
Credit: BBE Podcast Agency

The platform has recently added in-app paid subscriptions to support the raise of audio influencers/podcast hosts.

How can I add music to my podcast using Anchor?

Adding music to your podcast using Anchor is very easy! Remember you can use both your app your laptop/computer to add music to your podcast using Anchor.

On your Anchor app, tap the ‘Tools’ button middle center. Make sure you have selected an episode (top left near the date). 

  • The next screen will show you icons at the bottom, one of which will be the Music BETA tab. 
  • Simply click that tab, search for the song you want, add it to your podcast episode. And viola! You now have music in your episodes.
add music to podcast using anchor

The good news about this, is that independent music creators can now receive support from their fans much easier than previously seen. This highly engaging and  interactive format, will allow podcast hosts to promote songs like a DJ! In return, podcast hosts can monetise their podcasts by asking musicians to promote their track in a show. 

The somewhat bad news is that you can’t edit or trim the songs and you have to play the tracks in their entirety and only premium users will be able to listen to the full track. Free users will only hear the 30second demo.

Not to mention that the feature is only available to creators in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland regions. The last thing to remember is that adding music to your podcast using Anchor will result in those episodes only being distributed and accessed on Spotify.

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This format also means that these shows will in effect be Spotify exclusive podcasts because the technology that allows music to be played on podcasts relies on the company’s deal with record labels.

There are pros and cons to using Anchor to add music to your podcast. Will you be using Anchor’s service to add music to your podcast?

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