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Spotify Live (aka Spotify Greenroom) brings live audio to the app

Spotify Live (aka Spotify Greenroom) brings live audio directly to the Spotify app.


What is Spotify Greenroom?

Last year, Spotify launched their ClubHouse clone app Spotify Greenroom which much like ClubHouse was created to allow users to create and participate in live conversations. The app also featured a group chat function and the ability to send gifs/emojis during room conversations which garnered praise from users.

What is Spotify Live?

Spotify Live is the rebranded name of the Spotify Greenroom app and Spotify Live will be integrated directly into the app. 

Yes you heard that right. Podcast creators and music artists will be able to host live conversations on Spotify with their listeners/followers/subscribers on the Spotify app. Currently, Spotify Live can be found both as the stand-alone app and as a livestream function in the app.

How does Spotify Live work?

At the moment, Spotify Live is only available to original shows like the Call Her Daddy podcast with Alex Cooper, Off the Record with DJ Akademiks but will be available to all podcast/music creators.

How can I listen to a room on Spotify Live?

Listeners can simply tune into live audio shows directly via the podcast creator/artist page. Simply search Spotify original shows (or any podcast/artist page once the feature is rolled out to creators) and listen in.

Credit: Call Her Daddy podcast

How do I host a chat in Spotify Live?

If you want to participate in a chat as a speaker or co-host, you can head to the app to do so as the feature isn’t live for independent/non-Spotify original shows. However, this will change in the future as the feature is rolled out to all creators.

Spotify Greenroom massively underperformed (with only 775,000 downloads across iOs and Android devices) as a rival to ClubHouse but this move to integrate live audio directly on Spotify was the next step in the audio investment for the platform.

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