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ClubHouse’s latest update: make money within ClubHouse

Make money in ClubHouse! The popular audio platform announced that it’s going to allow people to make money inside the app via a tipping system and tiered subscription.

In other words, ClubHouse allows creators to monetise easily within the app via a direct payment option for listeners: a move which has created a storm within the realm of business social networking.

But first, what does the monetisation feature look like on ClubHouse, how does it work and more importantly, how can you setup monetisation on ClubHouse?

clubhouse payments 2021
Credit: BBEPodAgency

How do you make money from ClubHouse?

It was first rumoured that ClubHouse would be introducing monetisation to the platform via direct payment feature within the app in February 2021. What we didn’t expect was for the feature to be live for ClubHouse users merely 2 months later.

There has been speculation on whether this a move to keep users on the platform because of direct competition from Facebook and Twitter, who are currently working on perfecting new audio features on their platforms. 

In recent updates, eventually all users will be able to monetise their rooms on ClubHouse but for now, only a select few have access to this feature. We’ll show how you to send money/tips to a moderator/someone on ClubHouse. 

How do you send money/tips to a creator on ClubHouse?

Firstly, make sure your app is updated. To do this, simply check whether your app is updated in your Apple Store.

clubhouse payments
ClubHouse update April 6th 2021. Credit: BBEPodAgency

ClubHouse is still in BETA stage which is exciting and this new monetisation feature which allows people to monetise their rooms on the app is a massive push on the importance of creator economy.

Christian Bourdeau is one of the lucky creators who was one of the selected few to test out the monetisation feature on ClubHouse.

Send payments to moderators on ClubHouse

  • Search a moderator (In this example: Christian Bourdeau).
  • At the bottom of the page you’ll see the ‘Send money‘ prompt. Click on that.
send money on clubhouse
Credit: BBEPodAgency
  • Once you have clicked the ‘Send money‘ tab, your next page should look like this (image below). The first time you do this, you’ll be asked to register a credit or debit card. 

It seems ClubHouse’s monetisation feature has tiered payments options: $5, $10, $20 tips but you can also customise how much you want to pay a moderator on ClubHouse. 

make money in clubhouse
Credit: BBEPodAgency

ClubHouse promises that 100% of the payments are paid out to creators which is amazing news for creators. The audio app has partnered with Swipe to deliver world class service to ClubHouse users however, creators will be charged a fee when withdrawing their payments from Swipe. 

how to make money on clubhouse in 2021
Customised tips on ClubHouse Credit: BBEPodAgency

Can you make money in ClubHouse?

Yes you can make money in ClubHouse by promoting your or a brand’s services, becoming a speaker. However, this new monetisation feature on ClubHouse will somewhat make it easier to make money directly from the app itself.

ClubHouse isn’t the first platform to intergrate in app subscription services because the likes of Patreon and OnlyFans beat them to chase. The difference is that ClubHouse is the first to support creators in the audio industry.

While some users were thrilled by ClubHouse’s new monetisation feature, others think it may be too early for the platform to monetise its users this early on. “They’re still in BETA mode. Let’s not forget that” echoed one user. 

Is this move directed at keeping people longer on the app to address the massive attrition rate in users on ClubHouse? Or are they simply leading a mass movement in the creator economy to show that creators are valued and respected.

Needless to say, like majority of other social networking platforms that are embedding audio and payment/subscriptions features, ClubHouse aims to stay relevant by putting the creators at the centre of the experience. 

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