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Apple Podcasts releases new follower analytics

Apple Podcasts release new follower analytics directly into Apple Podcasts Connect for podcast creators. Yes you read that right.

apple podcasts new follower analytics

On Apple Podcasts, listeners are able to follow their favourite shows to receive alerts when new episodes become available. As of next month, all podcast creators will be able to see how many people are following their shows, how those numbers have changed over the last week and other time periods, and more.

Other updated metrics will include the time audiences have spent listening to their respective shows and episodes with a percentage breakdown of listeners who are or are not followers of the show. The best part? All of this information will remain private and only available to creators.

The move comes after Apple made changes to their ‘follow’ and ‘subscribe’ buttons  after introducing podcast subscriptions which allows creators to make money from their podcasts.

The new follower analytics is a great move because it will give podcast creators more data to help them properly informed monetisation plans.

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