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How to switch accounts on Instagram Nov 2022

Instagram has had so many changes this year from introducing Reels to the platform, turning all videos to Reels, reverting back to displaying posts in chronological order. The latest change is the desktop display and we’ll show you how to switch between accounts on Instagram.

Switch accounts on Instagram desktop 2022
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How can I add multiple Instagram accounts on computer in 2022?

Perhaps you previously linked several accounts on your app/desktop, and you’re wondering where they are when you login on the new Instagram desktop.

No worries! It’s easy to manage multiple IG accounts on PC or Mac and we’re going to show you how.

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How do I switch accounts on Instagram in 2022?

Make sure you have access to your login details and the device where you can receive a security code, or have backup codes handy.

1 | Go to and log into an account.

2 | In the bottom left column, click ‘More’ and then ‘Switch Accounts’. And viola!

Switch accounts on Instagram desktop 2022
Credit: BBE Podcast Agency
Now you know how to switch between multiple Instagram accounts on desktop or laptop in 2022!

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