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12 platforms your podcast should be on in 2022

It is no surprise that the podcast industry is growing exponentially as each day goes by, and here are 12 platforms your podcast should be on if you want it to grow.

Data suggests that millions around the world are opting more for podcasts over other forms of media namely, radio and TV. So what does this mean? It means that in order to maximise podcast growth, you need to ensure that your podcast is readily available to listeners on more than Apple and Spotify.

In this article you’re going to learn 12 free platforms your podcast should be distributed on to make sure you’re reaching podcast listeners around the world.

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Where do people listen to podcasts?

Majority of podcast creators think Apple Podcasts and Spotify are the only two platforms people use to listen to podcasts. However due to COVID-19 and lockdown, more tech platforms like Amazon, Samsung, Youtube, Google created podcast features/platforms due to the increased demand in podcasts.

And that means one thing: your podcast should be distributed to more than just Apple and Spotify if you’re looking for organic and global podcast growth. In this article you’re going to learn which other listening platforms your podcast should be featured on.

The good thing is you only have to do this once and everytime you upload a new episode, it’ll be distributed to all these platforms. But first, you’ll need your RSS feed which you can find in your podcast hosting platform. 

1, Apple Podcasts

2, Spotify

Log in to Spotify for Podcasters with your Spotify account, or choose SIGN UP to create one. Then, follow these steps:

  • Click GET STARTED.
  • Paste in the link to your podcast’s RSS feed.
  • You’ll receive a verification email to the address in your RSS feed. Copy the 8-digit code from that email and paste in the submit form.
  • Add podcast info like the category, language, and country.
  • Review the info then click SUBMIT

3, Google Podcasts

Visit the Google Play Podcast Portal (opens in new tab).

  • Click the “Add A Podcast” Button.
  • Paste in your podcast’s RSS feed URL.
  • Click “Submit RSS Feed”.
  • Verify Ownership (uses email in RSS feed).
  • Review your podcast info.
  • Click “Publish Podcast”.
  • Wait For Approval

4, Amazon Music

Go to and click “Get Started.”

  • Connect your Amazon Account. If you don’t have one, you’ll create one to move to the next step.
  • Add your podcast’s RSS feed, select your country, and click “Submit.”
  • Next, confirm that it’s your podcast and cover art that’s being shown. Agree to the terms of service, and click the prompt to “Confirm Email.”
  • After you have confirmed ownership, your podcast should appear on Amazon Music and Audible within 24 hours.


5, Soundcloud

Create a SoundCloud account for your podcast. Go to your profile and click the “Edit” button:

  • Upload a profile image that is at least 1400 x 1400 pixels.
  • Add a description of your podcast to your profile’s bio. This is important because the description will be used as your RSS feed description.
  • In the “Your Links” section, add links to your podcast website and any podcast social media accounts.

On the Settings page, click the “Content” tab:

  • Choose a category for your podcast.
  • Select the language of your podcast.
  • Check the “Contains explicit content” box if your podcast contains what might be explicit content.
  • Select the Upload default settings that you want. You can override these settings on the edit page of any track. If you intend to primarily upload podcasts, enable the RSS feed setting.

6, Samsung Podcasts

Sign up or log into Samsung Podcast website:

  • Create your account.
  •  Click “Create one organisation” in the bottom right corner (Don’t forget to note your organisation code).
  • Import your podcast using your podcast RSS feed.
  • Go to “Manage Account” and under the ‘Permission‘ tab, press Request. The Samsung Podcasts team will approve your podcast and viola! Samsung users will be able to listen to your podcast.

7, Audry

Audry is a really awesome platform that connects podcasters globally to network and swap interviews with like-minded hosts. Head to Audry website,

  • Select “Join Audry
  • Fill in your email address and “paste your Apple Podcasts url
  • Once you verify your podcast’s details, your show will be live on the platform and people will start checking out your podcast.

8, Gaana

Sign up or login into Gaana – a popular podcast listening app in India and other markets. To submit,

  • Click to the “Playlist” section of the platform.
  • Select “Details” and enter your podcast RSS feed.
  • Click on “Submit to podcast directories” menu and click the ‘Submit to Gaana‘.

9, E3 Radio – The Qube

E3 Radio’s The Qube is a platform created to spotlight Black and Queer podcasters. Please ensure you fit this description before submitting your show.

Submit your podcast via this link to be approved to appear on the platform.

platforms to add your podcast to

10, Stitcher

Head over to Stitcher for Podcast Creators, and click the button that says “Add Your Podcast to Stitcher.”

  • Next, click “Join Us Today and a pop up will appear where you’ll add your podcast’s RSS feed. 
  • Stitcher will validate your RSS feed and ask you to verify the email associated with your feed. If all looks good, select “Next Step.”
  • After you sign up, Stitcher will send you a podcast authorization email. Select the “I Approve. Add This Show to Stitcher” button.

11, Tune In

Head on over to TuneIn, and select “Sign Up.” 

  • Now that you have a free account, head over to the “Podcasters” section and select “Publish a Podcast.”
  • Next, add your contact information and submit your show’s details including your podcast RSS feed, accept their terms and conditions and click “Send Email”.

  • It can take as little as a few days or up to two weeks to receive an email notice from TuneIn that your podcast has been added to their directory.

12, iHeart Radio

Head to the iHeart Radio podcast website and sign up or login. Caution: you can submit your podcast if you’re located in the US, Mexico, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

  •  Sign up to the platform to get started.
  • Submit your RSS feed and the iHeart Radio team will review your podcast before your episodes appear on the platform.


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