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Apply for the PRX Google Podcast creator program

Attention podcasters, apply to the 2022 PRX Google Podcast creator program to take your podcast to the next level.


PRX is a training organisation offering resources and training to independent creators and organisations of all sizes. They have teamed up with Google Podcasts to make podcast production more productive, innovative and less lonely for all podcast creators around the globe.

The free program focuses on creating meaningful workflows that support long-term sustainability goals: a key component to podcast success.

Successful applicants will benefit from renewed focus on “business development, audience growth, video strategies, optionality and long-term sustainability”.

From June through December 2022, the program will feature 16 weeks of training and mentorship, four weeks of independent processing, and a final in-person showcase celebration. 

The deadline to apply for the PRX Google Podcast creator program is 24th April 2022 and for more information on the FAQs, please visit the PRX program.

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