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Nichole Hill introduces ‘Secret Adventures of Black People’ Podcast

"The goal in sharing these types of narratives, is to tell a holistic story of Black life, beyond the pain and trauma often portrayed in popular media."

Nichole Hill, DC-based storyteller and producer, released her new podcast, The Secret Adventures of Black People, an intimate glimpse into the lives of Black people from around the world. The first season received wide acclaim and was recently featured in The Washington Post and Spotify’s Fresh Finds Podcast List for the week of September 7-11.

In each of the nine episodes, host Nichole shares a meaningful conversation she’s had with someone in her life, that she’s reimagined as a theatrical peek into the experiences of Black people today.


The Secret Adventures of Black People is a non-fiction, non-narrated podcast offering 8-15 minute theatrical glimpses into the poignant, hilarious, and relatable experiences of Black people in America and abroad. In the nine episodes of the first season you’ll hear the story of a niece introducing her romance-book-loving aunt to the world of dating apps in Modern Romance. You’ll eavesdrop on improv friends attempting to understand the unexpected response of white people to the Black Lives Matter movement in Listen to Black Women in Parks. And you’ll get swept away in a world traveler’s nostalgic trip back home in Once Upon a Time in Ghana. The goal in sharing these types of narratives, is to tell a holistic story of Black life, beyond the pain and trauma often portrayed in popular media.

Listeners praise Nichole’s honest, playful, and theatrical storytelling. “In a sea of podcast voices, Nichole’s stands out as unique and fresh. I found the first couple of stories to be an absolute delight to listen to, and a balm in my feed,” wrote a reviewer. Each episode was recorded in recognizable moments and places – in a car, next to a hospital bed, in a living room around a Christmas tree; everyday places to showcase everyday stories from Black folks.

The Secret Adventures of Black People is available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher.

Episode Summaries

Episode 1: Modern Romance – While waiting in a drive-thru, Nichole walks her very romantic aunt through the modern day path to love, namely dating apps.

Episode 2: The Hero Prepares – From beside her mother’s hospital bed, Nichole tells the story of how her mom begins to accept her diagnosis and prepares to relearn how to walk.

Episode 3: What’s in a Dad? – Over Christmas, Nichole and her siblings decided it was time for their Dad to read the last letter he ever received from his estranged father.

Episode 4: Listen to Black Women in Parks – Nichole meets with her improv team in June 2020 to discuss White people’s response to racialized violence.

About Nichole Hill

The show is hosted, written, and produced by Nichole Hill. Nichole Hill is a podcast producer, storyteller, writer, and improviser living in Washington, DC.

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