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Neon Hum Media announces diverse lineup of podcast editors selected for its free training bootcamp

"The course was designed to provide a new and unique opportunity for marginalized storytellers who want to become story editors."

Neon Hum Media, in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment,  announced the eight talented participants who will attend its free Editors’ Bootcamp, which starts next month. The first group was selected out of more than 250 applicants.

The course is led by Neon Hum’s senior editor Catherine Saint Louis, and was designed to provide a new and unique opportunity for marginalised storytellers who want to become story editors: in other words, Black and Native American storytellers, other people of color, the LGTBQ+ community, and Latinx people. 

Funding for the bootcamp is made possible by Sony Music Entertainment, Neon Hum Media’s joint venture partner. To learn more about Sony Music’s commitment to supporting communities globally and locallyclick here

The finalists will learn and develop relevant skill sets from some of the industry’s top editors and experts, including Emanuele Berry of This American Life, Annie Avilés of VICE Audio, Phyllis Fletcher of APM Podcasts, Nick White of Lost Notes, Ann Heppermann of Audible. Neon Hum founder and CEO Jonathan Hirsch will also co-teach a session.


At the end of the course, one of the Bootcamp participants will be offered a staff editor position at Neon Hum. The program is designed to develop the selected students into top candidates for other employers to also consider hiring as editors after graduation.

Congrats to the finalists: Afi Yellow-Duke, Stephanie Serrano, Jennifer Lai, Oliver-Ash Kleine, Davey Kim, Jimmy Gutierrez, Corinne Gilliard and Zakiya Gibbons. 

Stay up to date with the 2021 programme by visiting this link.

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