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"The podcast focuses on a different podcast each week that deserves attention..."

The Pod Spotter, a podcast that celebrates under-the-radar and next-big-thing podcasts launches today at The podcast was created by Price Brothers, a creative audio entity, and focuses on a different podcast each week that deserves attention for being offbeat, totally unique, or just plain weird. The Pod Spotter launches with three diverse episodes on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.

Hosted by actor Zack Robidas (“Succession”, “Friends from College”, “30 Rock”), Pod Spotter’s initial offering features interviews with host of “Whatever Happened to Pizza at McDonald’s”, Brian Thompson, who is on a quest to answer an elusive question; “All The Wiser’s”, Kimi Culp, who brings to light jaw-dropping stories about survival;and David Nadelberg and Neil Katcher from “The Mortified Podcast”, who discuss their live pod in which adults share the embarrassing things they wrote as kids. New episodes of The Pod Spotter will be published every Monday.

Zack Robidas. Credit: The Pod Spotter

“With over a million podcasts in existence today, and more being developed every day, it’s sort of the Wild West out there when it comes to pod fans finding appropriate content,” says Robidas. “When I was approached to host the show I was shocked to find that no such resource exists. And so we wanted to do a show that not only entertained, but had great utility as well.”

Identifying worthy podcasts to feature is something the producers take seriously. “Each pod we select survives a far-reaching canvassing and several rounds of scrutiny by committee,” according to Price Brothers partner, Dan Price. “But before we even get to that stage there is tons of research going on below the surface. Our show is only as good as the podcasts we’re showcasing, and so they need to be exceptional.”

The Pod Spotter is designed to appeal to all demographic groups, the common denominator being that listeners share a love of good podcast content. “At last count,” says Price, “there were nearly 90 million podcast fans out there. And so the target audience for this show is enormous.”

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