The Best Plastic Surgery Podcast Is The Plastic Surgeon Podcast by Dr. Javad Sajan

"I want people to understand why patients do what they do and what motivates them.”

The podcast industry has boomed in the past year and when it comes to podcasts about plastic surgery, the Plastic Surgeon Podcast by Dr Javad Sajan is the best plastic surgery podcast of 2020. In the podcast, Dr. Sajan interviews real plastic surgery patients and providers to understand the true motivations behind plastic surgery. The Plastic Surgeon Podcast is not your typical plastic surgery podcast. The podcast educates about plastic surgery, but also analyzes it with a critical eye. With expert insight from Seattle plastic surgeon, Dr. Javad Sajan, the Plastic Surgeon Podcast combines the educational and real stories formats.

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One provocative episode follows Dr. Sajan’s transgender patient, Jack Morgan who underwent a female-to-male chest reconstruction. During his transition, he endured weight loss surgery and uterine cancer, which he understood as his body rejecting femininity. His chest reconstruction surgery was considered high risk due to his previous weight loss surgery and cancer. Dr. Sajan and Jack recount his chemical and surgical transgender transition in this thought provoking episode of 2020’s best plastic surgery podcast.

Another popular topic on the podcast is botched plastic surgery. In one of the most compelling episodes, Dr. Sajan talks with Victoria Castañeda Vargas who underwent a tummy tuck in Peru and ended up severely botched.

On why he started a podcast, Dr. Sajan said, “I started the Plastic Surgeon Podcast because I want people to understand why patients do what they do and what motivates them.” Listen to full episodes on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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