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Youtube Creates First Original Podcast The Upload: The Rise of the Creator Economy

Breaking news: popular video and music streaming platform Youtube creates its first original podcast The Upload: The Rise of the Creator Economy.

It’s no secret that nearly every major online platform is tapping into podcasting. Last year, tech giant Amazon launched their own podcast streaming platform, streaming giant Netflix also announced their debut into podcasting earlier this year.

Social networking platform Facebook integrated a podcast player platform directly on the platform to ease access to podcast consumers. Samsung and Google launched podcast listening features to their apps.

A decade ago, creators were just considered ‘hobbyists.’ Now, they’re next-generation media companies in their own right and Youtube leaping into the next phase of the creator economy.

It is quite the surprise that Youtube is now getting into the podcasting game with the launch of their original podcast The Upload: The Rise of the Creator Economy.

As all social platforms look to create new ways to enable creators to monetise their content, the growth in creators becoming businesses has lead to what’s been coined as ‘The Creator Economy’.

Hosted by award-winning journalist, culture critic & cohost of the For Colored Nerds podcast Brittany Luse, The Upload explores  how popular YouTube stars have gone on to create their own business based on their work, providing insight into the technicalities of how they manage the various aspects.

The Upload: The Rise of the Creator Economy

Youtube stars like Lily Singh, Caleb Marshall, Lau Family, The Fitness Marshall to name afew.

“We wanted to showcase the magic of the creator economy in an entirely new way, by taking people behind the scenes to learn what goes into the businesses of the creators whose videos they watch every day.”  – Youtube

Podcasts are overwhelmingly consumed in audio format on platforms like Spotify/Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music with many podcast creators adding visuals to their shows via Youtube.

It is interesting that the creation of this original podcast may change the discourse surrounding video vs audio podcasts. It will also be fascinating to see whether audio listenership shifts as Youtube pioneers video podcasts. It is worth noting that Spotify supports video podcasts though this is still in BETA mode with Spotify exclusive shows.

The Upload: The Rise of the Creator Economy podcast will be live on the 22nd September and will be available on all podcast listening platforms.

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