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Introducing Riverside 2.0

Introducing Riverside 2.0!

Video and audio recording platform announces their new and improved updates with a magic editor, transcription, speaker highlighting and more.

What is is a professional yet affordable podcast recording platform that allows you to record both video (in 4K quality) and audio podcasts remotely.

The revolutionary platform was created in 2019 by two brothers Gideon and Nadav. Originally from Amsterdam now headquartered in Tel-Aviv. Backed by the world’s leading creators in the tech and business space, became slowly started becoming the household name for podcast recording due to the global lockdown of 2020.

How does work?

To successfully use you need to create an account and select a suitable plan. It’s also ideal to have either a microphone or use your headphones during your interview to reduce echo affecting your recording.

If you’re recording video podcast, you need to ensure you’re in a room with good lighting and a clean background or environment. Find more tips on how ensure your room is video podcast ready via this link.

riverside 2.0

What is Riverside 2.0? What are the updates?

The new and updated Riverside 2.0 comes with some highly creator friendly features which will help podcast creators to take your podcast to the next level.

Automatic transcriptions

Riverside 2.0 now features automatic transcriptions which allow you to easily summarise your show, create show notes without having to use third party transcription platforms/services.

riverside 2.0 transcription

AI Speaker View 

Ever used Zoom to record your podcast but couldn’t highlight the person speaking on the screen? Well Riverside 2.0 solves that issue for you.

With AI speaker view, Riverside’s tech will automatically spotlight to the person talking cutting out any noise to only show who is speaking.

Riverside 2.0 AI speaker view

Record your guests with the Iphone app

Riverside’s new update allows you to invite your guest to record on your podcast via their new Iphone app. You can invite your guest to join from anywhere…even with dodgy connection.

The best part is if you’re recording both video and audio, your files will be saved automatically so you don’t have to worry about downloading and uploading off your guest’s phone. What a life hack!

Riverside 2.0 iphone recording
Credit: Riverside 2.0

Magic Editor

Podcast video editing is has always been a pain. Riverside’s new magic editor allows you automate the editing process by merging separate tracks together into one full HD split-screen video which removes unwanted noise and distractions. 

You can also customise your video recordings to suit the colour branding of your show as well as uploading your logo and frame to the video and make your podcast professional at a low cost.

Riverside 2.0 magic editor

Overall, Riverside 2.0 is a software that allows podcasters to work smart not hard when creating their shows. The new tech allows for seamless processes which are vital to the production of podcast shows whilst also eliminating the use of 3rd party platforms, most of which are paid services. Not only is Riverside 2.0 helping to streamline podcast production, it’s also saving costs for the creators.

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