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ClubHouse chat feature Backchannel is here!

ClubHouse has finally released their new chat feature dubbed ‘Backchannel’.

What is the Backchannel feature?

“My hat? Tipped My mic? Flashed My messaging? Direct.” The leader of the social audio movement, ClubHouse left the internet buzzing after news of this new feature were announced last week. 

Dubbed the ‘Backchannel’ this feature allows you to send DMs (direct messages) to your followers and vice versa and you can also create chat groups in the app. It doesn’t however support images, videos or gifs being sent in the dms which is quite an interesting thing to notice. Perhaps this was an intentional decision to keep visual stimuli off the app.

clubhouse chat feature backchannel
Credit: Social Nation

How can I use the Backchannel feature?

If you’re a speaker, you can use Backchannel to chat with your co-hosts, plan what question to ask next, or decide who to pull up from the audience. This an excellent (rather late) addition to the app as it cuts out the issue of liaising with other moderators on different platforms.

It also allows people the chance to speak again if they’ve been missed as this regularly happens on the app (if you’re quiet for too long). For the larger rooms, the Backchannel allows people to ask questions via the text feature which is perfect for people with anxiety of speaking on open stages.

If you’re a listener, you can chat with your other friends in the audience.

ClubHouse much like other social media platforms has single-handedly revolutionised the way we network with people all the globe. Birthed at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, ClubHouse has allowed people to connect with the power of sound with very little focus on visual stimuli.

Nearly a year later and other social media platforms like Twitter, Spotify, Facebook, Netflix started banking in on the social audio creatng their own ClubHouse clones.

What do you make of ClubHouse’s new feature? 

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