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Acast inspiring new podcasters with their Creator Network

Acast, the world’s biggest podcast company, has launched a new advertising campaign highlighting its simple, smart, creator-first tools for podcasters of all sizes.

The “Everyone’s Got A Story” campaign features messages read by some of Acast’s most well-known podcasters, dynamically-inserted across its catalogue of more than 20,000 shows, alongside ads voiced by its own podcast-making staff members.

Acast’s network of shows receive more than 60 million listens in the UK every month, and this campaign encourages would-be podcasters around the UK to take the plunge and start their own show today. The audio ads will be accompanied by “Everyone’s Got A Story” messages shared across Acast’s social media channels, blog, and more.


Listeners will hear the voices of popular Acast podcasters — including Jessie Ware and mother Lennie from Table Manners, Dr. Rupy from The Doctor’s Kitchen, and the hosts of RedHanded, Hannah and Suruthi — telling their own unique tales of starting their own podcasts, and the motivation behind the stories they love sharing with the world.

Acast’s VP Marketing Communications & Brand, Lizzy Pollott, said: “We know that everyone has a story to tell — so many people I know are sitting on killer podcast ideas. It might be something to make people laugh, to educate, to champion a cause, to shine a light on a particular topic or be inspired by a particular hobby or passion.

“At Acast, we make it so easy for people to turn those ideas into podcasts shareable across any and every podcast listening app out there. We want the next wave of podcasters to join the likes of Jessie and Lennie, Romesh Ranganathan, Chris and Rosie Ramsey, Dr Rupy and thousands more as part of the biggest podcast network in the world.”


Acast has everything podcasters need to host and grow their show, across every podcast app there is — including Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts and Spotify — and they can get started for free. Acast’s paid tiers have extra features including advanced analytics, customisable websites, monetisation options, and a recently announced Patreon integration.

The volume of people starting podcasts has grown exponentially, with Acast seeing an increase in sign-ups to its hosting platform of more than 75% in the past year. And Acast is encouraging even more people to get podcasting from home, offering three months’ free access to its paid Influencer plan by using the code “stories”.

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