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Spotify introduces podcast ratings

Podcast giant Spotify introduced their podcast ratings and it seems to be popular amongst podcast creators.

Credit: Gary Vee Audio Experience podcast

How does Spotify podcast ratings work?

Traditionally, Spotify has mostly been used as a strictly music and podcast listening platform. Due to major investment, the platform introduced subscriptions to allow creators to monetise their content and video podcasts for Anchor users.

Now, the platform has created a ratings system that allows podcast listeners to support their favourite shows directly on the app by giving them a rating out of 5 stars. The button is located on the podcast profile page under the description and shows a rating and its count.

Tip for podcast creators: encourage your listeners to head over to Spotify to rate your show after you introduce each episode. This will increase your ratings and discoverability on the platform.

Star ratings are now available worldwide through the Spotify apps for iOS and Android. This is not a feature that is available on the desktop version. It also helps content creators get more feedback from their audience and learn how their podcasts work.

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