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Blubrry Introduces Play Tracking with Advanced Stats

Many podcasters neglect the art of understanding their show’s analytics/stats forgetting that these are essential in growing a podcast’s listenership.

Luckily, Blubrry’s Advanced Stats has a new feature called play tracking. In order to grow your podcast listenership, you need to understand how valuable the listener retention data and with Blubrry’s new feature, now you can see how long your episode was played in the web player for each episode.

blubrry play tracking with advanced stats

Available at the episode level, podcasters can assess how many people listened via the Blubrry player. This information will be useful if you’re looking for more insight when you publish episodes using the Blubrry player on your website.

This vital information is beneficial if you’re doing any kind of advertising in your episodes as well.

Contact Blubrry for more information and help.

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