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Apple announced 2 million podcasts mark

Last month, Apple announced that they have over 2 million podcasts in their database. 

2 million apple podcasts
Credit: Podcast Industry Insights 2021

If there are 2 million podcasts, should I start a podcast?

Absolutely! Your ‘why’ (i.e. why do you want to start a podcast?) should be the driving force you need to start a podcast: not the number of podcasts Apple or Spotify have on their databases.

Research conducted by Podcast Industry Insights reveals that almost 1/4 of those shows have only published one episode, suggesting that many content creators immediately went out of business as a result of the financial implications of the pandemic. Or else never intended to continue creating beyond their opening act.


apple podcasts 2 million announcement

What is considered a podcast?

If the benchmark of a “real podcast” is set as a series of at least four episodes, then the total number of shows on Apple Podcasts is closer to 880,000.

The statistical breakdown suggests that “once-and-done” podcasts clutter up the Apple Podcasts library meaning not all 2 million podcasts are actively releasing episodes.’s James Cridland, 63% of single episode podcasts came via Spotify’s Anchor and another 16% came from iHeart’s Spreaker, both of which are free-to-use hosting providers that appeal to new podcasters who are still experimenting with the medium.


It is worth noting that not all podcasts are supposed to be longlasting but the ‘2 million podcasts’ mark is somewhat misleading because you’d imagined all 2 million podcasts are actively releasing episodes.

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