Spotify podcast promo cards

Spotify's new tool lets you create custom assets you can use to promote your podcast on social media.

Spotify announces new digital podcast promotional function called ‘Spotify Promo cards’. The new tool lets you create custom assets you can use to promote your podcast and its episodes on social media.

Credit: Spotify

With the increase in social media usage as a result of the COVID pandemic, Spotify has created a genius feature to help podcasters personalize your streaming promotion.

This new tool can be used by you (or your fans) to make good-looking, sharable social content related to your podcast on Spotify meaning that you can easily create and download your own graphics to promote your podcast episodes.

Here’s how it works

All you have to do is go to to get started. There’s no log-in required and the site is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. Once you’re there, you can create your custom Promo Cards in three simple steps:

SELECT: Search for the content you want to promote. You can share your show’s profile or an episode. If one of your episodes has been playlisted, you’ll see the option to share a customized Promo Card in the search results for the show or episode.

CUSTOMIZE: How do you want listeners to see the image? Will it be square, horizontal, or portrait? You can choose the aspect ratio and background color from a palette of complementary options.

SHARE: Download your new creation and upload it wherever you like with the link to your content the site generates. You can also choose one of the direct share options on the site to post it to social media

Now, without having to spend time resizing and cropping, you’ve created something listeners can share to help spread the word about your podcast.

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