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Instagram Stories Links For Podcasts

Incase you missed it, Instagram Stories links are available to all users!

You’re reading this wondering, well what has this got to do with podcasting? Well, if you want to grow your show’s listenership and engagement on Instagram, read on….

What are Instagram Stories?

The Instagram Stories feature was introduced on Instagram to help creators create Snapchat-esque content to keep viewers engaged that disappears within 24hours. Then Instagram released the ‘links’ feature which only allowed users with 10k followers and above to share along with their posts in their stories.

Previously, only users with 10k followers and above could attach links to their Instagram stories but this feature is now available to ALL users.

What does this mean for podcasters and how can you use Instagram Stories to promote a podcast? 

How do you put a podcast link on Instagram Stories in 2022?

Promoting your podcast using Instagram Stories is really easy and here’s how you do it:

-Make a post/reel about your latest episode on your feed as you would normally do when creating a new post.

-Add the post or reel to your Instagram story.

-Head to the Instagram Stories sticker tray icon.

-Scroll until you see the “Link” sticker. Select it (Example below)

-You’ll be given the option to either enter or paste a URL. And viola!

promote your podcast using instagram stories links

Can Instagram Stories link grow my podcast?

Adding a direct link of your podcast to your Instagram stories will mean higher conversions for your show. In other words, your podcast will get more clicks and more listeners because the links to access your podcast are directly positioned infront of your audience.

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