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Instagram Live Scheduling

Instagram introduces Instagram Live Scheduling for all creators on the app! You can now schedule your live streams 3months in advance with this new tool.

What is Instagram Live?

Instagram live is a feature that allows users on the popular social media app to interact in real time with their followers. R & B singer Tory Lanez popularised the use of Instagram live during the 2020 lockdown and many creators started utilising the feature to connect with their audiences via workshops, BTS etc.

Instagram has now announced that creators can upload pre-recorded videos as live streams to Instagram Live Scheduling, a move which has been greatly welcomed by creators of the app.

How do I use Instagram Live Scheduling?

Instagram Live Scheduling allows you to schedule your live streams 90 days in advance leaving you plenty of time to promote your content.

Follow these simple steps to schedule a live video on Instagram:

  1. Open the Instagram app, Swipe left to open the camera.
  2. Once the camera opens, swipe right from the bottom edge and select Live.
  3. An option called Schedule should show up on the right side of the screen. Select Schedule and set the name of the event in ‘Video Title.’
  4. Click on Start Time and select a date and time sometime in the future for scheduling.
  5. Click on Schedule Live Video.
  6. Users can then share the scheduled live as a post for their followers, who will also get reminders before you go live.


How do I use Instagram Live Scheduling to promote my podcast?

Here are some tips on how to use the scheduling feature to promote your podcast:

  • Upload some BTS (behind the scenes) content to build anticipation for your upcoming episode(s).
  • If you have a special guest, upload 20minutes of the footage and prompt users to listen/watch the rest of the episode via their favourite podcast streaming platform.
  • Re-upload old episodes to engage with your followers to encourage them to listen to back previous episodes.
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