Shits N Gigs Podcast reaches 10k followers on Youtube

Manchester podcast duo Fuhad and James hosts of Shxts N Gigs podcast reach 10k followers on Youtube

Shxts N Gigs show podcast announced 10k followers on Youtube with nearly 400,000 views in less than 2years: a major milestone for a new podcast!

The comedy podcast is hosted by two friends Fuhad and James who met at a lecture in Coventry University in 2009.

shxts n gigs podcast 10k followers
Credit: Shxts N Gigs Twitter

The podcast explores UK culture, differences between men and women in respect to dating experiences/attitudes and everything that comes with it.

With the kind of banter and chat that only comes from people who have known each other forever, their introduction during a university lecture has sparked a series that has been going strong now for just 1.5years.

“And 11 years later we’re best friends now” – James Episode 27 (The Origin Story)

“Yeah everything happens for a reason” – Fuhad: Episode 27 (The Origin Story)

Watch them at our 2021 live podcast festival.

This tight bond has helped them open the door to in-depth conversation, debate (and more-than-occasional argument) over any and every topic – be it Instagram Queens, Coronavirus, open relationships, side chicks and more.

In the 80 episodes already curated, the Fuhad and James manage to back and forth between the serious and the light-hearted pretty quickly. Safe to say, this podcast is for the over 18 and no topic is off limits for the duo.

Tune into the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Youtube, Spotify or your favourite podcast listening app.

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