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Transistor offers free intro music for podcasters

"The podcast host has published 5 pieces of royalty free music for podcast intros."

Adding music to your podcast comes with various limitations and you’ll find your podcast will be deleted if you use commercial music in your podcast. It’s all to do with royalties and copyright laws but to put it layman terms: artists (including musicians, writers, composers etc) have to be paid everytime their songs are used/played on radio, TV, ads, as a sample of a new song etc.(aka their royalties). Therefore, to use copyrighted music in your podcast, you’d need the permission of everyone who owns the song which normally comes at a costly fee.

There is concept of what’s called “fair use” where you can use a limited amount of a copyrighted work without specific permission of the copyright holder.  However, fair use comes with all sorts of caveats, and there are no simple formulas like “20 seconds is OK.”  There simply are no hard and fast rules as to what constitutes fair

However, Transistor fm seems to have found a temporary solution to the issue. The podcast host has published 5 pieces of royalty free music for podcast intros.

Downloads tracks:

  • Fast banjo (16 seconds) – MP3
  • Synthwave (11 seconds) – MP3 | WAV
  • Chunky guitar (8 seconds) – MP3 | WAV
  • Epic metal (8 seconds) – MP3 | WAV
  • Ambient guitar (8 seconds) – MP3 | WAV
  • Light guitar (8 seconds) – MP3 | WAV

You’re free to use this intro music in your podcast, but you must copy & paste this attribution into your show notes:

Podcast theme music by Learn how to start a podcast here.

The above music is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Composed by Joseph McDade.

For more information, visit

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