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Advertising For Any Sized Podcast on Podomatic

Podomatic is now making it possible for all podcasters, no matter your audience size or experience level, two new ways to make real money with your podcast. With two unique new partnerships, all podcasters can now easily find high-paying Advertisers and create Free Merch Stores while Podomatic forwards all company commissions back to the podcaster. That means Zero Upfront Cost Ever, Zero Risk, 100% of Your Profits, 100% Ownership of Your Brand, Products and Pricing, and All Podomatic Commissions. A better deal isn’t out there.

Podcast monetization has become a huge industry in recent years, with many experts predicting over $1 Billion in podcast ad revenue in 2021. These advertisers and that money however, have only been available to a very small percentage of podcasters. Podomatic and our two new partners, Podcorn and WhatFor Apparel, have created a monetization option that will change that forever. As it says in our Podcaster Bill of Rights, you own what you create on Podomatic and you are free to monetize what you own in any way you see fit. That is why Podomatic is forwarding all commissions made from these new partnerships, directly to the podcaster. The money you earn from your content is yours, we’re just here to support you.

Podcorn is a podcast advertising company that knows a small engaged audience can be just as valuable to advertisers as a large one. With Podomatic and Podcorn’s new integration, podcasters will easily be able to find the perfect sponsors for their podcast, set their own rates, ad placements, create custom ads that fit their content and get paid upon hire. Ensuring the highest rates and fastest payouts.

Co-Founder of Podcorn David Kierzkowski added, “Monetization plays a critical role in the health of the podcast ecosystem and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with Podoomatic as they share our goals to support independent voices of all sizes to improve podcasters’ access to monetization opportunities, while giving advertisers easier access and discovery of amazing podcast talent.”

Completing our new monetization suite is WhatFor? Apparel, a Print-On-Demand solution for custom podcast merchandise. Podomatic podcasters are now easily able to create their own custom merch stores, upload or design hundreds of custom branded products, set their own prices and keep 100% of their profits!

WhatFor? Apparels Print-On-Demand solution means our podcasters never pay anything out of pocket, ever, and never have to worry about printing, shipping or managing inventory. Their fans simply shop their products and they collect the profits; making real money for promoting their own podcast.

“From the outset of What For? Apparel, we knew that we wanted to be able to partner with influencers and content creators to provide them a platform to monetize their work without them having to spend lots of money. That is why we are so excited to be partnering with Podomatic.

With our no upfront cost merch program, combined with the suite of tools and technology offered by Podomatic, we genuinely believe that podcasters will have everything they need to be successful!” – Josiah Sifuentes, Chief Operations Officer at What For? Apparel.

Visit Podomatic Today to Create a PRO Podcast for only $2.49/ Month and start earning real money with Podcorn and WhatFor? Apparel.

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