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Introducing Podchaser Pro — Access to reach, contacts, demographics, & more across 1.4M+ podcasts

"Podchaser Pro makes it easy to find the most influential podcasts within niches..."

Podchaser, the world’s most comprehensive podcast database, is thrilled to announce the release of its new powerful service for podcast professionals, Podchaser Pro, which brings radical efficiency to the process of discovering, qualifying, and contacting podcasts.

Podchaser Pro builds upon Podchaser’s best-in-class data set to provide access to reach, contacts, demographics, and more across 1.4+ million podcasts. The new platform helps pull back the curtain and bring transparency to podcasting, empowering marketing agencies, PR firms, publicists, and networks to create the most effective podcasts campaigns.

“Podcasting is a secret weapon for marketers and communications professionals. What other medium lets you target and engage your niche for multiple hours?” said Bradley Davis, Podchaser co-founder and CEO. ”With nearly 100,000 new podcasts being released each month on top of the massive number of existing shows, the opportunities are overwhelming. Discovering, qualifying, and contacting these podcasts is the tough part, requiring way too many browser tabs, wild guesses, and headaches. Podchaser brings the whole process together in one place, saving you time and bringing more wins to clients.”

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Podchaser’s Power Score Drives Smart Discovery

Podchaser Pro makes it easy to find the most influential podcasts within niches using Podchaser’s brand new “Power Score” metric. Podchaser Pro users can browse, search, and sort podcasts by their Power Score — a unique score of a podcast’s influence based on over 30 different data points including audience size, social influence, and more.

Vet Podcast Opportunities with Audience Reach, Demographics, and More

The days of reading tea leaves and trusting self-reported data is over. Podchaser Pro users can quickly browse estimated reach, demographics, social numbers, and more, allowing them to make the right decision for their campaign. Detailed insights let users take the win back to the client

Contacts and Planning Tools Let You Get Right to Work

Podchaser Pro gives users the tools to start planning and executing campaigns immediately with the world’s largest database of podcast contacts and on-site tools like notes and pitch lists. Each user also gets a personal concierge to provide advice and support at the drop of a hat.

Podchaser Pro Elevates Any Podcast Campaign

Whether you’re an advertiser, publicist, network, or PR firm, Podchaser Pro provides the insights and tools needed to efficiently navigate podcasting and unleash its full potential.

To get started with Podchaser Pro, sign up on their website.

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