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Created by podcasters and for podcasters, Adelicious brings a fresh approach to podcast advertising

"Adelicious was started in the summer of 2020 by podcasters who wanted more monetisation options."

Just three months after launch, podcast advertising platform Adelicious is already representing some of the world’s biggest podcasts, with an inventory of millions of monthly listens. And yet, as a ‘white label’, business-to-business agency, you might not even have heard the name.

Adelicious was started in the summer of 2020 by podcasters who wanted more monetisation options. Podcasters are generally expected to sign a contract with one of the major players and commit to their system. They are then locked in, even if it doesn’t deliver in the way they expected. Adelicious take a more open, more modular approach, working across platforms and partnering with international sales teams to monetize listens in different territories.

As professional podcasters themselves, the founders of Adelicious knew the kind of service they wanted to use. It would be flexible and give them a sense of control over their revenues. It would understand their audience and content. And it would offer great customer service.

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“As someone who makes podcasts for a living,” says co-founder David McGuire, “Adelicious was a no-brainer. I needed an organisation that offered a more tailored approach to making money. This is a growing industry and we’ve reached a point where premium producers need more choice. Adelicious represents that for me.”

McGuire founded Adelicious alongside Pascal Hughes, CEO of the podcast production house Noiser. “We had a significant audience in the UK, but also in the USA and Australia. We weren’t able to monetise those listens around the world in the same way, until Adelicious started making connections with sales agencies in those countries. The result is that since signing with Adelicious, Noiser’s monthly revenue increased five-fold.”

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Based in the UK and with a global outlook, Adelicious have rapidly established themselves and they are now working with some of the biggest names in the industry. As a premium white-label service for professional podcasters, they serve all three tiers of ads – host read, announcer read, and programmatic.

Led by Don Amaechi, former account director at Audioboom, the company is currently scaling up and recruiting a larger sales team for their expanding business-to-business service.

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