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Casted Introduces Video Podcasting

"Casted platform allows brands to create even more personal experiences for their audiences."

Casted, the first and only podcast platform made for B2B marketers, today announces Casted Video Podcasting, a new product within the Casted platform designed to add, manage, amplify, and measure podcast videos in the same manner as an audio-only podcast.

In 2020, people used video and audio more than ever to connect with their audience. Many brands already record their podcasts as videos, but only some of them are uploading those videos to YouTube, or creating clips to use on social media, or identifying ways to use those videos across other marketing channels. And, unfortunately, the majority of these brands aren’t using the video elements of their podcasts at all. This is wasted value.


“Podcasts allow brands to connect with their audiences in a rich, authentic way. Listening-in on a conversation – hearing another human’s voice – establishes a relationship between the audience member and the host, which translates to trust and affinity for the brand they represent,” said Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO of Casted. “Now, with video podcasting, the Casted platform allows brands to create even more personal experiences for their audiences by giving them the option to connect visually, too.”

There are conversations best suited for audio. Others are made richer or more valuable with video. And both carry more impact when supported with supplemental text and opportunities to consume it all in smaller pieces. Marketers that deliver all of these options to their audiences drive greater results and deeper connections, as they allow audiences to consume content according to their personal preferences. These deeper connections increase an audience’s propensity to buy from a brand, as well as brand loyalty and affinity.

With Casted’s new video podcasting capabilities, customers have access to:

  • Updated landing pages with video players
  • Updated embed players for video
  • Videograms
  • Adding/managing video
  • Video analytics

“As we look to expand our podcasting efforts with the launch of our new season, our sights are set on adding video podcasting into our strategy,” said Rebecca Abram, CSEP, Senior Global Conferences Manager, at Auth0. “With Casted’s video podcasting capabilities, we’re able to leverage our content across more platforms to cater to everyone’s preferences. Our audience is going to feel more connected to Auth0 than ever.”

This news comes on the heels of Casted quadrupling its revenue in its second year. For more information on how Casted is creating the new era of content marketing, visit the website.

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