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MTV ‘Behind the Music’ weekly podcast

Music and TV channel MTV have brought back the ‘Behind the Music’ podcast as a weekly series.

Behind the Music podcast
Credit: Paramount

What is ‘Behind the Music’?

Behind the Music was a 90s style documentary with each episode interviewing a popular musician or group. The show examines the beginning of their career, their road to success, and the hardships they face on their journey.

Social media has allowed fans to better connect with their favourite musicians. But in the day of no Instagram, TikTok, Twitter or ClubHouse, the Behind the Music show was eye-opening for fans to understand the journeys their favourite musicians go through on the ride to stardom.

The show aimed from 1975 – 2014 with focus on musicians who were no longer in the music industry which featured artists such as MC Hammer, 50 Cent, Aaliyah, Aerosmith, Tina Smith, Elton John and John Lennon.

Co-creator and executive producer Gay Rosenthal and Jeff Gaspin created the show at lunch after asking  “Whatever happened to Milli Vanilli?” I said, “I don’t know, but why don’t you let me take the ball and run with it, and let me see what I can find out?”

The rest became history.

The show is being rebooted by Paramount + which will also become a podcast to allow people to stream previous episodes and new episodes starting this year. 

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