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Women in Podcasting: what did we learn?

In line with Women’s History month, we held our first Women in Podcasting room on audio app Clubhouse on the 27th March 2021 and what an incredible room it was!

The gender gap and disparity in representation for women across media and business still exists despite knowing that women’s spending power and influence remains much higher than men and make up put to 50% of today’s workforce worldwide.

women in podcasting

Sadly, similar trends are present in podcasting. Dr. Jessie released ‘Women in Podcasting’ article investigating why this was the case. Turns out podcast listenership is pretty much the same across both genders but women-hosted podcasts seem to be underrepresented on Apple 100 podcasts with 1 in 10 podcasts being listed on Apple podcasts 2021 top 100 list.

During the research, Dr Jessie alongside Dr. Gita, Resa and Dr. Alyson, found out that voice pitch may affect listenership because “we have an implicit bias to prefer lower pitches voices (most commonly exhibited by men due to their anatomy) over higher pitches voices.

Over time, lower pitches became synonymous due to authority and sounding more powerful leaving women at a disadvantage.”

Women make up to 46% of podcast listeners so it’s important that those in the media represent the diversity of our world on screen, it’s imperative they do it accurately.

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The question is: “Should women lower the pitch of their voices? Or should they change the paradigm that women shouldn’t have to change their voices?” Dr. Alyson co-author at the Women in Podcasting: Why We Should Tune In.

In short, all the moderators rejected the idea of women lowering their pitches to suit the paradigm. 

“You have to stand your ground and be who you are.” said Jowana founding director of internet organisation company.

“The women I work with at Podcasters Africa think oh that’s what I have to do. But I tell them that you don’t have to change your voice because people will still understand you.” – Lerato founding director of Podcasters Africa.

women in podcasting
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So what did we learn about Women in Podcasting?

“My motto is don’t think about it: just do it. You have to take that leap because you’ve already done something difficult and you overcame it so…try podcasting.” – Melissa Carcache host of We Are Millenial Women podcast.

“Find out who your ideal listeners so that when you’re making changes to your podcast, the changes resonate with your target audience.” – marketing guru Fathiya Fousseini.
“Focus on the why. Why are you doing the podcast” says Laura Bauder host of Profit from Podcasting podcast.

Connect with our Women in Podcasting moderators below:


*Philippa Crabb – host of How not to Date at 28

*Fathiya Fousseini – host of She Wins podcast

*Emma Hankley – host of Todays Twenties podcast

*Jowanna – founding director of Internet Radio Organisation

*Brittney – host of Hey Social Babes podcast

*Dr Resa, Dr. Jessie, Dr. Alyson and Dr. Gita – authors of ‘Women in Podcasting: Why We Should Tune In’

*Melissa Marcabe – host of We Are Millenial Women podcast

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