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New York Times Student Podcast Contest

The New York Times Student Podcast contest is currently underway and accepting student podcasters!

New York Times Student Podcast Contest
Credit: NYT Student Podcast Challenge 2021

What is the New York Times Student Podcast Contest?

The NYT Student Podcast Challenge was started in 2018 and this is the 4th year the challenge has been running. The challenge aims to uplift and offer a platform to the younger generation of upcoming podcasters/audio influencers from the US, UK and international and over 645 students submitted their podcasts. 

The popularity of podcasting has grown exponentially within the last year particularly due to the pandemic and the production/creation via smartphone voice recorders like Talk Sync or Anchor. There is now a ton of free audio editing software, has gotten easier than ever.

If you’re starting out, we have free guides that talk you through planning, structure and editing.

free podcast guides 2021
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How do I apply for the Student Podcast Challenge?

To apply for the New York Times Podcast contest, you have to fill in the form on this link

Please ensure that you are eligible before sending your details and below are the basic requirements:

1, Students ages 11 to 19 anywhere in the world attending middle or high school can participate. Read the instructions carefully to determine the best way to participate.

2, Podcasts must be five minutes or less.

Please check the length of your audio file. (Just to be very clear, 5:01 is longer than five minutes.)

3, Your podcast must be original for this contest. You can’t use a show you’ve previously submitted.

4, Use appropriate language. No explicit language.

5, Be sure to use non-copyrighted sound effects or music, with some exceptions.

Click this link for further information on the application process.

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