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30th September is International Podcast Day

“The podcast community deserves a day to celebrate the art and impact of serialized audio.”

Have you listened to a podcast today? Have you perhaps recorded an episode yourself? If so, you’d be one of millions of people who have downloaded, listened to, or recorded a podcast today.

As podcasting becomes a more integral aspect of entertainment, education, and self expression, the public needs to be more aware of the power of podcasts. This is where International Podcast Day comes in.

“September 30th will be a day to celebrate podcast producers, a day to celebrate podcast listeners,” says Steve Lee, co-founder of International Podcast Day, an event featuring podcasters from around the world. “The podcast community deserves a day to celebrate the art and impact of serialized audio.”

Credit: Columbia Journalism Review

International Podcast Day seeks to celebrate the expansive power of podcasts through a free livestream event featuring 60 podcasters from 26 countries, showcasing their voices, talents, and messages. Podcast enthusiasts around the world are also finding unique ways to observe the day by hosting virtual meetups, live broadcasting across social media, conducting podcast workshops, and releasing special episodes.

Dave Lee, the other co-founder of International Podcast Day, believes that podcasting has a particular community-building power: “Podcasts expose us to people, ideas, and parts of the world we never thought we’d meet. It naturally creates international communities. Words have tremendous power to heal, persuade, damage, bring meaning, bridge understanding, mend, and educate. Words have power. Podcasting allows us to use them for good.”

The podcast, a downloadable and streamable digital audio file, continues to grow in popularity and continues to present itself as a powerful format in the media industry. Tens of thousands of independent content producers are creating new podcasts and releasing episodes by the week.

Commuters now own vehicles with fully integrated entertainment systems that stream podcasts. Airlines have stocked their in-flight entertainment options with various podcasts flyers can listen to at 34,000 feet. Even universities and colleges have created courses and material focused on podcast and audio production.

And with just about everyone carrying a smartphone or behind a computer screen, listening to podcasts and producing podcasts has never been easier. Consumers now can listen to shows while working out, driving to work (or working from home), cooking in the kitchen, or doing chores.

The Lees want all podcasters, podcast listeners, and audio enthusiasts to spread the word about the power of podcasts!

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