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Spotify Greenroom Creator Fund

Following the successful launch of the social audio app Greenroom last Thursday, Spotify announces the Greenroom Creator Fund to pay users for creating content on the app.

spotify greenroom creator fund

What is the Spotify Greenroom?

Last week Thursday Spotify rocked the world of social media with the global launch of their anticipated social audio ClubHouse-clone app, Greenroom.

Much like ClubHouse, the app was created to encourage users to have conversations in real time and to connect people globally in meaningful audio experiences.

The app which is only a week old has attracted thousands of users to the platform, many of whom were unhappy with ClubHouse’s lack of features like a chat function, sharing emojis to mention afew.

What is the Spotify Greenroom Creator Fund?

Spotify’s Greenroom Creator Fund was introduced to pay users for the content they’re creating on the app and the communities they’re building.

Similar to the ClubHouse creator grant programme, users will have to apply to be considered for the funding.

How do I apply for the Greenroom Creator Fund?

  1. Download the Greenroom app and create your username.
  2. Fill out the registration form.
  3. Start creating content!

Who qualifies for the Creator Fund?

There’s no limit to the number of creators that can take part in the Fund. However, non-US residents, under 18 year olds, Spotify employees. See the Terms and Conditions for the full list.

How do I get paid for the Fund?

Payouts are calculated weekly and based on a number of factors including the consumption of each creator’s live audio content and audience size. You will need a Paypal account and required tax information 14 days after Spotify notifies you of your earnings.

Creators can earn funds every week with no limit on the number of times they can earn. Spotify will inform you of any payments earned within 30 days from the end of the earning period. 

Do gems count towards my application for the Fund?

No won’t count towards the payout or considered in the application process.

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