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The Joe Budden podcast – where is Rory and Mal?

The most popular hip hop podcast The Joe Budden podcast is in crisis: 2 of it’s co-hosts Rory Farell and Mal Clay have gone AWOL and the internet/podcast listeners want answers.

If you’re an avid hip hop fan, then you’ll know why this is big news. If not.. well here is a short back story.

the joe budden podcast - where is rory and mal
Credit: The Joe Budden podcast Instagram

What is the Joe Budden podcast?

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The Joe Budden podcast (or The JBP for short) is made up of 4 friends and co-hosts: ex rapper Joe Budden and friends Rory, Mal and Parks (sound engineer). 

The podcast started in 2015 (previously named ‘I’ll Name This Podcast Later‘) with Joe at center stage of the show with Rory and Marisa at the fore front but Mal later replaced Marisa.

Like many podcasts of the time, the podcast’s discussions centered around ‘life, sex, music and more’ but later evolved to become a narrator of everything centered around hip hop: from the culture, creators (rappers), new music releases/reviews and world affairs.

I'll name this podcast later
Credit: I'll Name This Podcast Later soundcloud

The podcast grew immensely after Nicki Minaj made an appearance on the show in 2019 addressing rumours and wrongdoings between the rap star and host Joe Budden.

Like many rising podcasts, the JBP landed a 2 year exclusive deal in 2018 which ended in 2020. The trio weren’t happy with Spotify’s plans to integrate ads into their podcast episodes as part of the deal which led to a messy and public split. No Beyonce song could have topped this.

So what is going on with Rory, Mal and Joe?

the joe budden podcast - where is Rory and Mal?
Joe Budden. Credit:

‘Don’t go into business with family’. Perhaps this saying should extend to friends?

The friendship between Joe Budden, Rory, Mal and Parks spans over 10+years so why are the two on-screen hosts missing from the popular podcast?

There has been speculation all over the internet for a few years that Rory and Mal don’t get on but the on-screen bromance seems to have thwarted those rumours away.

Mal and Rory missing from the Joe Budden podcast
Mal (L) and Rory (R): Credit: @RoryandMalfits Twitter

Recently however, Mal and Rory have been missing from the podcast which prompted fans to conjure conspiracy theories about their whereabouts and the future of the podcast.

For weeks, many fans of the popular podcast wanted to know if the absence of Rory and Mal is temporary or permanent being that they’re key figures on the pod.

On episode 426, Joe Budden finally confirms that his co-hosts Rory and Mal are taking time out for themselves while they work out their respective grievances but he didn’t give much away about the problem is.

To add to the confusion, Joe has two new replacements hosts (and friends) Ice and Savon, who are filling in for Rory and Mal for the time being. 

the joe budden podcast: where is rory and mal

“Give time, time. Give everyone time to chill… But truth be told—I said this in many of Joe verses—none of us are slaves to the audience… No one owes anybody anything.” said Joe.

Rory and Mal are yet to have their say about what is going on but Joe has made it clear their seats on the podcast are still available “when they’re ready to return”.

“It’s not a beef,” Joe said.  “Nobody has communicated a beef. What they have communicated to me is something is wrong. Whether that be in our friendship, how we’re speaking to each other, the respect level.”

Joe Budden has confirmed that he and Rory and seeking therapy to sort out whatever issues are currently tearing the podcast apart. Safe to say that it sounds like Rory and Mal will be back on the show but when that will be…well subscribe to our newsletter for the updates.

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