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PodcastOne’s LadyGang Network partners with Black Girls Texting podcast

"The LadyGang Network on PodcastOne, announced that it has acquired the exclusive sales and distribution rights to the Black Girls Texting podcast."

The LadyGang Network on PodcastOne, a leading podcast network and a subsidiary of LiveXLive Media, announced today that it has acquired the exclusive sales and distribution rights to the Black Girls Texting podcast, hosted by Glynn Pogue, Sade Parham and Chelsea “Pinky” Rojas. The first episode aired on February 17, 2021 with Robin Thicke as the guest talking about life after loss, co-parenting with ex-wife Paula Patton and the benefits of therapy.

Black Girls Texting launched in 2018 and was created after the hosts became inspired by conversations held in their group chat which is the most universal forum for unfiltered and often hilarious exchanges between girlfriends in real-time. The hosts use Black Girls Texting as a means to highlight the multiplicity of Black women’s identities — crucial in a society that has historically stereotyped them.

Chelsea, Glynn and Sade: hosts of Black Girls Texting podcast. Credit:

Black Girls Texting is the 6th podcast to debut on The LadyGang on PodcastOne Network, which features a female-driven, all-star lineup of pop-culture, reality television and motherhood trend-setters. The podcast has been featured in mainstream magazines such as Essence and Afropunk and their brand partnerships have included the beauty brand Glossier, intimacy wellness company Babeland and activewear brand Outdoor Voices. Past guests include Janelle Monae, Lena Waithe and Amanda Seales.

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“We are so excited to be joining PodcastOne and LadyGang, especially since female podcasters are few and far between. The number gets even smaller when you get into female podcasters of color and even smaller when you get into Black female podcasters. We are excited to make our mark in this industry with the help of the awesome ladies of LadyGang and hope to open the door for even more women who have something to say,” said Chelsea Rojas, Glynn Pogue and Sade Parham, Black Girls Texting.

“I discovered Glynn, Sade and Chelsea when they had Janelle Monae on as a guest and was instantly hooked. I reached out to them in praise for their killer show and found that they might need us at LadyGang just as much as we need their style of entertainment. There’s such a symbiotic relationship between The LadyGang as a show and Black Girls Texting, it literally couldn’t be more of a match made in heaven,” said Keltie Knight, host and co-founder of the LadyGang podcast and network.

LadyGang Hosts Becca Tobin, Keltie Knight & Jac Vanek. Credit: Claire Leahy


The LadyGang began as a mimosa brunch-inspired podcast hosted by Emmy award winning entertainment journalist Keltie Knight, designer Jac Vanek and actress Becca Tobin, when the ladies wanted to create a job for themselves that they couldn’t be fired from. With that in mind, they launched something that grew beyond their imaginations. In addition to the podcast and podcast network, they have a NY Times best-selling book, a subscription box service and a merch line, a clothing line collaboration, a string of sold out live shows and in the quest to remain employed, have become a multi-million-dollar business.

What began as a movement to help women feel less alone, by offering content that was unapologetic, unfiltered, and very real, has grown in the millions and become a powerhouse media brand that has also partnered with major brands, including Disney, Netflix, Anheuser-Busch, Vogue, and Chanel. The LadyGang, have been called “tastemakers” and “absolute squad goals”.

Tune into the Black Girls Texting podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcast listening app.

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