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90s Baby Show podcast hits 6million Youtube views

London podcast trio Temi Alchemy, Fred Santana and VP celebrate 6million views on Youtube

90s Baby show podcast announced smashing a major milestone in their journey: they’ve hit 6million views on Youtube!

The comedy and culture podcast has dominated London’s podcast scene over the past 6years with their unique comedic style and authenticity.

90s baby show podcast 6 million youtube views
Credit: 90sBaby Show Twitter

Hosted by Temi Alchemy, Fred Santana and VP, the podcast explores the mind of a 90s baby in this ever-changing society leaving no stone untouched. The trio don’t shy away from controversial conversation and they discuss everything from topical world issues, music, culture, sex/relationships, money matters with a unique comedic vibe.

A host of London’s actors, influencers, musicians have also appeared on the show from the likes of actor Tom Moutchi, Youtubers Adeola Patronne and Amina, BK Chat cast Azryah and Nissy Tee to mention.  

They also attempt to bridge the gap between younger and older generations. Both Temi and Fred have invited their parents to have conversations looking back at what it was like growing up in an African household for the two generations.

History of 90s Baby Show Podcast

90s Baby show podcast was first created in 2017 and like many adults, Temi and Fred met at work, had a chat about starting a podcast and the rest was history. VP joined the group as the videographer and occasionally joins the conversations behind the camera.

The podcast had a segment on Radar Radio in 2017  (before it was shut down) with UK celebrity musicians like Suspect OTB, Kyze appearing on the show in it’s early days.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Temi Alchemy and Fred Santana who have hosted some of our past live podcast events and we couldn’t be happier to see their growth over the past 4 years.

Tune into the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or your favourite podcast listening app.

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