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Youtube is offering $300,000 to podcast creators

Youtube is reportedly offering $300,000 to podcast creators to film videos. The video platform is enticing podcasters and podcast networks with grants to turn their podcasts into videos.

The video platform is rumoured to offer between $50,000 – $300,000 to individual shows and networks as it solidifies it’s place in the podcasting sphere.

With every popular platform venturing into podcasting, it is no surprise that Youtube is investing heavily into podcasting. Last year, the platform announced it’s first original podcast titled ‘The Creator Economy‘ which explored how popular YouTube stars have gone on to create their own business based on their work.

Earlier this year at Podcast Movement, Youtube announced a podcast platform which will revolutionise the podcast game on the platform. Major stars like Joe Rogan, Charlemagne, DJ Akademiks made their popularity on Youtube and have gone on to become household names in podcasting so it is no surprise that Youtube is pushing video podcasts. 

It is worth noting that Spotify allows video podcasts on the app but only if you use Anchor as your podcast host so it’s going to be interesting to see what Youtube does for podcasters.

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