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Why Sounder is one of the best podcast host in 2021

Choosing the perfect podcast host may be tricky but Sounder is (quite easily) one of the best podcast hosts in 2021 with the introduction of their new subscription feature Sounder Plus.

sounder plus 2021

There are a variety of podcast hosts: both free and paid platforms from Anchor, Buzzsprout, Apple podcasts, Podbean, Transistor, Castos and more. These platforms offer a variety of options for podcasters from hosting, monetisation, ads/sponsorship podcast networks.

Why Sounder is a better podcast host in 2021?

Sounder is the first end-to-end podcast management platform built to focused on growth and podcast discovery. They recently announced a premium service to further the growth and monetisation opportunities for podcasters with the launch of Sounder Plus.

Sounder Plus was released a couple of weeks ago and with it comes video bites, Youtube automation, transcription, better branding and optimised growth. 

sounder plus
Sounder Plus. Credit: Sounderfm

Introducing Sounder Plus

Sounder Plus is currently priced at an affordable $12.99 a month and the upgraded service offers better promotion with their newly improved videobites which turn your podcast audio into readily shareable videos in one easy single click.

What is a videobite (or audiogram)?

Videobites (commonly known as audiograms) turn your audio episodes into transcription video clips which allows you to better promote your podcast and engage with audiences on video (especially if you’re not recording any footage).

sounder plus video bites
Video bites. Credit: Sounderfm

The videobites are customiseable for each of the social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and LinkedIn which allow you to create highlight clips of insightful quotes, funny moments giving you and your guests an opportunity to shine.

Sounder Plus is also offering free and easy automation on Youtube. In simple terms, this means you can easily upload your podcast episode directly to Youtube without having to use other platforms to further your podcast reach and discoverability.

What a great way of cutting out the middle man!

sounder plus Youtube automation
Youtube automation. Credit: Sounderfm

Online discoverability is very pivotal to the success of a podcast and Sounder Plus is using AI to offer episode description analysis and social media tagging tips allowing podcasters to focus on embedding keywords into their descriptions for better discoverability.

This is a HUGE support for podcasters who’ve had issues reaching out to new audience and this feature will make it easier for podcast listeners to find your episodes using keywords found in your show’s description.

sounder plus SEO optimisation
Episode Description Analysis. Credit: Sounderfm

The team at Sounder also announced they secured funding to further monetisation opportunities for podcasters earlier this year which adds to the endless features to capitalise on audio influencers.

Currently, it looks as though Sounder is building a platform to offer a 360 service for podcasters focusing on discoverability and growth of audiences.

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