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Stripe and Spotify team up on podcast payments

Spotify announced podcast subscriptions for podcasts and the podcast giant has teamed up with Stripe on podcast payments!

stripe and spotify podcast payments

Spotify Podcast Subscriptions have made it even easier for podcast creators to monetise their content and this partnership with Stripe will help podcasters to manage a stream of revenue.

“Platforms like Spotify are making it easier for creators to quickly generate recurring revenue from the thing they love doing the most: sharing their stories,” said Mike Clayville, Chief Revenue Officer at Stripe.

“Spotify Podcast Subscriptions make it easy for creators to establish and manage an important new revenue stream and for listeners to seamlessly subscribe to content that they enjoy,” said Michael Mignano, Global Head of Talk Verticals, Spotify.

Spotify’s Podcast Subscriptions can handle various currencies and is currently available in 30 countries worldwide.

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