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Spotify outlines their future for audio during their Stream On event

Podcast giant Spotify outlines their future for audio in their Stream On event, they made so many announcements.

Among the updates, Spotify unveilled new tools in Anchor to help creators connect with listeners through paid subscriptions, partnership with WordPress and interactive Polls and Q&A games.


Anchor announced the launch of paid subscriptions later this year. Podcasters will be able to give their supporters additional paid-for features within Spotify. You can sign up for the waitlist. This will be “a limited beta in the US”, starting this Spring, we’re told. The demo in the announcement shows a podcaster being able to choose from $2.99, $4.99 and $7.99/month subscriptions as price points though Spotify will take a small cut of the fee.

Michael Mignano, the co-founder of Anchor and Head of the Podcaster Mission at Spotify, stated: “What we’re really trying to do is to give creators ways to make a living off their art. It’s really true to the spirit of our mission to enable creators to monetise their work in whatever ways they see fit.”

This model sounds very similar to Patreon’s monetisation model so it will be interesting to see which platform will come out as the creator’s winner in podcast monetisation.

Anchor x

Anchor creators can now easily convert podcast episodes into WordPress blog posts—and WordPress bloggers can turn their work into a podcast in minutes with Anchor.


Polls – Anchor and Spotify are making it even easier for podcast listeners to join the conversation—by asking or answering questions. Beta testing now; wider release coming soon.

Q & A – Easily poll your listeners to get an idea of what’s on their mind, whether it’s for future topics or a hot-button issue. Beta testing now; wider release coming soon.

  • Video podcasts are coming later this year in Spotify, for Anchor podcasters. Video is already available for some shows, including Joe Rogan. The product is “to complement their audio with visual”.
  • Spotify is to launch in more than 80 additional countries. It almost doubles the amount of markets that Spotify is present in, covering more than 1bn potential new listeners. Podcasts will be “in the majority” of these new markets. It brings the coverage to more than 170 countries: there are around 195 countries in total.

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