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Spotify launches ClubHouse clone – Greenroom

It’s here! Spotify launches their ClubHouse clone – Greenroom today and it’s taking social media by storm! The app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices worldwide.

Spotify audio Greenroom
Credit: Spotify.Greenroom

What is Spotify Greenroom?

Spotify announced the acquisition of Betty Labs the creators of sports audio platform Locker room which they have then transformed into Greenroom. The Locker room was a platform focused solely on sports content but it now encompasses a wider variety of topics.

In essence, the Greenroom is a new social audio app that allows you to host and participate in live conversations. Think ClubHouse, but with Spotify branding and some slightly revamped features.

Betty Labs Founder and CEO Howard Akumiah, said: “We are excited to join forces with Spotify and contribute to building the future of audio – we’ll invest more in our product, open the experience to Spotify’s audience, diversify our content offerings, and continue expanding the community we’ve built.

Spotify Chairman and CEO, Daniel Ek explained that Spotify is “very interested in” the idea of adding social features to the service, and that the company “obviously pays close attention to everything that’s happening in markets around the world and new developments in audio”.

How do I get the Greenroom?

Gaining access to the Greenroom is super easy. Download the app from your App/Play story and you will need to either create or login into your Spotify account. The initial signup flow will also allow users to select their interests from a wider range of topics, like music genres and sports teams.

Spotify Greenroom
Credit: BBE Pod Agency

How do I start or join a room?

Starting a room is super easy. Go to the ‘Home‘ page on the app and select ‘Create room‘ at the bottom center of your screen. Enter the room title, name of the show and you can choose which groups you room is boosted to to allow users to join the room.

The super cool thing is that you can easily record the room you create AND if you swipe left, there is a chat function that allows users to post live questions in direct response to what is being talked about. When you are in a room, you can see the chat at the bottom of the screen with new messages moving in a carousel manner.

You can also post gifs and hyperlinks directly in the chat function which offers better engagement in comparison to ClubHouse or Twitter Spaces.

Credit: BBE Pod Agency

Tips when using the Greenroom

  • Update your bio to make sure people can read about your achievements/hobbies etc.
  • Connect your social media handles so that people can follow you on other platforms.
  • Do not post prohibited content or you risk having your room reported and shut down.
  • Be respectful when on stage and don’t be offensive

Every tech company is investing heavily into podcasting or creating an audio service something that wasn’t in existence prior to the launch of ClubHouse in March 2020. Many users have reportedly since left the app due to the delayed release of features like chat functions, hyperlinks etc. that were heavily requested by creators on the app.

Earlier this year, Facebook and Twitter announced the creation of their audio platforms. LinkedIn, Reddit and other platforms are soon releasing their own audio features in the following months. Apple hasn’t made any announcements on audio feature on Apple Podcasts.

But one thing is clear: with all the investment in audio, Spotify has a very good chance of dominating the podcasting space: making social audio a real part of its core business.

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