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LinkedIn Live and podcasting

Popular social networking platform LinkedIn has announced a new feature called ‘LinkedIn Live and Zoom-only audio‘ which allows users to connect with their communities in real-time setting. Think of it like Instagram Live but with a professional twist.

This is great news for podcasters who are looking for different ways to promote their podcast!

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The pandemic pushed nearly 90% of the world’s population to work from home and such as, Zoom became the household name for any work or leisure related activities. 

The questions have evolved from ‘How do I use Zoom?’ to ‘How can I stream my Zoom meeting or webinar to Facebook Live, Twitter and especially to LinkedIn Live?’

LinkedIn Live has also been in high request from the platforms’ users since its release of video posts in 2017: so this is a game changer in some respect for the platform’s users.

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Well, wonder no more! You can use this feature as long you’ve signed up or are already paying for a Pro account. Read the step by step guide to sign up to LinkedIn Live and Zoom-audio only. 

The feature is currently in the 1st phase of roll out and only a select handful have been selected to try out this feature (i.e. those with followings over 5,000 followers).

“The amazing thing is you don’t have to meet physically.” Eric Sim, founder of Institute of Life says.

Eric is one of the most popular creators on LinkedIn with over 2million followers on the app and he teamed up with Chris Mattia to show a demo (from the 21:00 minute mark) of how to use the integrated platform.

What does LinkedLive & audio-only Zoom mean for podcasters?

Alot of podcasters use Zoom to record their podcasts so this new feature offers a new way for podcasters to directly push their podcast episodes to LinkedIn Live whilst interviewing their guests during the recording. 


Learn how to stream your podcast live and directly to LinkedIn Live using this guide.

How to use LinkedIn Live to promote your podcast

When you have a guest on your platform, promote their appearance on your show on LinkedIn and tag them in the post. During the recording, you can stream a couple of minutes live on LinkedIn Live to give your listeners a taster of what is in store. 

If you’d like to revamp your podcast marketing to include using LinkedIn as part of your marketing strategy book a free consultation and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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