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Libsyn integrates Canva in their latest update

One of the most popular podcast hosting platforms Libsyn announces a partnership with design platform Canva, in recent updates.

The new integration will let you design your podcast logo and custom episode artwork for your podcast using Canva right from the Libsyn interface. How impressive is that!

libsyn and canva
Create podcast artwork easily in Libsyn's interface. Credit:

The VP (Vice President) of Content & Partnerships at Libsyn, Rob Greenlee detailed the updates in our podcast news room BBE Pod Agency on ClubHouse detailed the changes of the integration.

“The integration with Canva was designed to enable our users to create both their podcast logos and episode artwork seamlessly without leaving our ecosystem.” says Rob Greenlee.

“Your podcast artwork is like a billboard and our partnership with the Canva offers podcasters a chance to have a wider variety to create custom visuals. The ready made templates allow you to upload your artwork directly to Libsyn.”

libsyn and canva integration
Schedule your podcast posts with Canva. Credit:

Canva is the world’s fastest growing online design platform with millions of active users across 190 countries. The platform gained prominence due to the accessibility it offers to design customisable content using ready made templates.

Canva allows you to unleash your creativity turning you into a graphic designer in a matter of seconds using the easy drag and drop feature. The platform also features stock photography, videos, illustrations, font types and more recently product mockups.

You can also customise your designs to any dimension simply by clicking a button turning your creation from Instagram dimensions to Youtube, Twitter and more.

“Content creation is happening at a faster rate and English speaking content is dominating the world right now. New artwork attracts news listeners so refreshing your podcast cover art every now and then is highly recommended because your show develops everyday.” says Rob Greenlee.

Join the Libsyn ClubHouse room for regular updates on what the team has in store for podcasters.

Buzzsprout also announced a smilar partnership with Canva which is paving the way for hosting platforms to centralise podcast content creation for creators.

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