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How to make money from a podcast using Apple Podcasts subscription

Last week, Apple officially unveiled their podcast paid subscriptions to users globally. This guide will offer you tips on how to make money a podcast using Apple Podcast subscriptions.

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What are Apple Podcast subscriptions?

Incase you weren’t aware, you can now make money from your podcast via a monthly subscription plan directly through Apple without having to use third party platforms like Patreon.

But first, you’ll need to setup your podcast for subscriptions.

How do you setup subscriptions on Apple Podcasts?

  1. Sign in to Apple Podcasts Connect. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one.
  2. Join the Apple Podcasters Program. You can sign up for the program on your Account page.
  3. Complete the Apple Podcasters Program agreement. You’ll need to sign this agreement if you want to sell subscriptions and receive payments from Apple.
  4. Set up your show for a subscription. Add subscriber audio or create a show in Apple Podcasts Connect with subscriber audio.
  5. Create a channel. You’ll need to create a channel before you can add a subscription. To do that, go to the Podcasts page, click +, then select New Channel.

Tip: Now that Apple has both a ‘subscriber’ and ‘follow’ buttons, you want to make sure that you’re uploading both the free and paid shows correctly. Follow the steps above or head over to Apple for more detailed information.

Now for the fun part. How does one monetise a podcast using subscriptions? Keep scrolling.

How do you use Apple Podcast subscriptions to make money from your podcast?

Just like with podcast monetisation, marketing or promotion, there is no one set rule on how to make money from you show. However, there are a few basics you need to do in order to earn revenue from your show.

  1. Bonus episodes – If you have a really interesting guest or practical tip to offer your listeners, you can monetise it as a ‘bonus’ or ‘special’ episode.
  2. Segment – Create a segment on your show and while this requires you to create additional content, it offers you the chance to diversify your content, offering something your listeners can digest.
  3. Expert Tips – Invite your listeners to come onto your show in a 1-2-1 setting and offer them tips to a problem they’re having.
  4. Collaborate – Invite other podcasters and create ‘ultra special’ episodes with them (it’s also a great way for others to know more about your show).

There you have it! 4 ways of using Apple Podcast Subscriptions to make money from your podcast show.

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